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Electronic Access Control

From just a single door to hundreds we can provide you with a system to for your needs.

Systems are available that use either pin codes or access cards or fobs and in some cases both
together for heightened security or even 2 different cards can be required to enter an area.

An access control system with AUDIT TRAIL will allow you to track the movement of people throughout your
building and allows you to monitor and restrict the movement of employees and clients within your organization.

Card access allows you to create complete denial of entry for some while giving temporary or full access to others.

If a card is lost or stolen it can be disabled easily without the need for costly rekeying of locks.

Below are some of our popular options

cdv atrium access

CDVI Atrium Access Control

Up to 100 door access control with 10000 users, 1000 access levels and 25000 event buffer

Embedded web server and built in ethernet port for management from your web browser

Free software

Easy enrollment via special access cards without giving access to the system

Optional usb card enroller reader

Multiple sites can be treated as 1 local system via internet.

cansec access

Cansec Ultralite Plus Standalone Access Control

Up to 2000 users and 1000 event buffer

Free software supports up to 255 standalone doors

Data is transferred from PC to Controller via portable storage device (included)

paradox access

Paradox Standalone Access Control

Up to 1000 users

Pin or Access Card/Tag

Programmed via keypad on unit

enforcer standalone access

Enforcer Rugged Standalone Keypad

Up to 110 user codes

2 relay Outputs

Rugged outdoor / vandal resistant housing

Illuminated keypad


Remote Transmitter Access Control

Secure activation of electronic door locks by remote control allows for wireless receptionist activation and with multiple buttons also allows for man-trap or vestibule control by remote.

Similar systems can be used or combined for panic alarms as well