Candoo Security provides Custom Rolling Shutters that are custom made for exact fit and client application.

For all types of installation on existing opening or new construction.

The products and installations are practical long lasting, economical, and attractive.

They will protect and secure your property to any building feature that needs application.

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aluminum rolling shutter

Aluminum Rolling Shutter

Our Roller Shutters Consist of Strong Insulated Aluminum or PVC Slats. The shutter rolls up a vertical guide into an overhead panel box. Available in Manual or Electrical.

They can be used to elegantly camouflage a wall-size entertainment center when not in use.

They can ensure a lockable way to secure a wet bar, or create a sophisticated treatment for a bathroom vanity.

roll up wood shutters

Roll Up Wood Shutters

Our Roll-Up Shutter Doors are Custom Crafted to fit virtually any Commercial need – defining Public and Private areas in Hotels and Banks, securing bars and service areas in Restaurants, serving as room separators in Offices, Schools and Churches.

Each Roll-Up Door is precision machined to exacting tolerances, with every piece edge sealed, flawlessly finished and then assembled with industrial-strength components for strength and durability.

Choose manual, motorized or awning-crank operation.

Choose nearly any hardwood, any finish color. Whatever the project, whatever the preference we’ve got you covered.

rolling grille

Rolling Grille

Rolling Grilles offer Security, Visibility and Ventalation. Available in a number of patterns and finished for Commercial, Industrial or Institutional applications. The electric motor mounting can be self supported or built into the the structure.

rolling steel

Rolling Steel

Ideal For Garbage Room Doors, Pouch Doors, Food Processing, Ect. Rolling Steel Doors offer Heavy Duty Security and Style. Available in a variety of Standard Slat Sizes, Galvanized Steel and Stainless Steel options.